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Cartoon Food Illustrations in rubberhose Style

About Me

If you can

visualise it,
if you can

dream it,
theres some

way to do it

Walt Disney

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Our mission at Yeschef Design is to make good design fun. That's why we focus on the quirky, the colorful, and the imaginative, drawing inspiration from the iconic cartoons of the 1930s. We believe that design should bring joy to those who interact with it, whether it's the client or their customers. Our team is fully dedicated to realising your vision and bringing it to life in a unique and delightful way. We're excited for the chance to collaborate with you on your next project!

What even is Rubberhose?

Rubberhose is a anthropomorphic design style that originates from the 1930s. Featuring bendy, Hosepipe like limbs and larger than average extremities, Rubberhose illustration provides a very exaggerated and comical view of the world. This style was made famous by the likes of Walt Disney and more recently cuphead. If you want to learn more about rubberhose we've created a hand blog post here or if you want to see how we use it to create cool stuff, check out our portolio!

The face of Yeschef Design
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