Atlantic Shore
Shores Seaside Cafe Logo




Logo Design & Brand Identity




Project Aims:

To create a brand identity and label that refelects the brand goals.

Shores is a seaside cafe that has ambitions to save marine life and protect oceans. For every drink sold at Shores a percentage of the profit is donated to a marine conservation charity.

The project needed to remain fun and not be too overwhelming when addressing the cause of the brand.

The project needed to use a soft pallette tones, preferably ones realating to marine and Sea life.

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Shores Sea Side Cafe was a fun Conceptual project of my own. I wanted to try and make a coffee brand with a cause. With this in mind shores features a large cartoon fish holding a coffee. 

When designing the packaging i did not want to have something overwhelming and that would push too much emphasis on the cause behind the brand.

The colour pallete chosen is a simple blue and beige to highlight where the cafe would be situated by the seaside.