Schralfs Cider


Logo Design & Label Design


United Kingdom


Project Aims:

To create a brand identity and label that refelects the gritty and farmstyle nature of the malvern. The design should encompass the clients dog Ralf and should be a main focal point. Ralf is described as a mischeivious and grotty shire dog who can always be found up to no good.

The cider is 100% natural and preferable would like to incoporate earthly colours.

Schralfs Cider Mock up 2.jpg


During the creative process of this design, Schralfs cider provided me with an initial conceptual design for the label which needed to be vectorised ready for print. I offered to design a bottle label of my own and see how the client felt about it.


The final design Featured a graffiti style version of ralf on a spray painted background to emphasis the mischievious nature of ralf.


the design uses variations of dark greys and browns to give the earthly tones of their orchard. Green was not used in this circumstance as the design would have a vivid dynamic contrast which could be off putting.

To make this design a collaborative project, The apple behind ralf is an original drawing sent in by the client.

A similar task was appointed with their second addition Run Wild 

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