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Worcester 100 Open Art Exhibition


At the end of 2023 I was proposed with the offer of being an attendee at The Artery Studios - Worcester 100 Open Art Exhibition. Featuring alongside 99 other talented artists from Worcester and the surrounding area, the Worcester 100 was an exciting opportunity to disseminate my work outside the realms of social media with an objective to be more personable and integrated within the arts community.

The rubberhose style piece titled Worcestersh-sh-shire shauce pays homage to how my journey in illustration came to life. Having moved away from the hospitality industry and moving to Worcester, Worcester sauce was a perfect representation of both. Illustrated in the rubberhose style i wanted to bring a much loved sauce to life with character, enthusiasm and whimsy.

With this being my first exhibited piece i am hopeful to do more in the future and be able to share my work locally and make new arty friends along the way.



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