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Project Aims:

One Wheel Tire Guru is a specialist One Wheel Skateboard Mechanic, making custom alterations and additions to add a personalised touch to his work.

The client had a particular interest in the erawan statue of prosperity located in Thailand. 

The client wanted this statue to be a key focal point of this design.

The end result would enable the client to use the design for any prospecitve work wear and as a suitable logo for his workshop.

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As this design was relatively ambitions i felt it was necessary to keep it as simple as possible despite the original look of the erawan statue.

Onewheel skateboards are closely linked to the same style of brand wear of the traditional skateboard so between the client and i; we both agreed that a emblematic logo would be a suitable way forward. Especially, with the possibility of turning the logo into brand  or work wear.

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