Branding & Website Design


United Kingdom


Cater4u is a conceptual thesis looking at how effective website design can, educate and support people who struggle with certain anxieties and depression within a working environment; specifically Catering & Hospitality.

throughout this study I focused on support websites such as Mind and Talk to Frank as a conceptual framework as to how my website could provide support.

Through primary research of my colleagues i found many of the employees each had their own specific battles to deal with but one thing that stayed consistent was a need for a level of anonymity when dealing with these issues.

with this in mind i looked at how to maintain this level of anonymity aswell as building a community of likeminded individuals.

The design took on the form of a multi-faceted support system offering advice through various mediums. 

Some of these mediums included: Generalised information based on factual evidence regarding each support measure.

Live Chat functions for modernisation aswell as maintaining a level of anonymity.

and whilst it is largely outdated; Forum based support to provide real-life experiences aswell as building the foundations for a likeminded community.