5 Reasons why a business needs a website

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Every business needs a website. It's not just an option any more. With the internet being so paramount to how people shop, it is almost essential for any company that wants to be successful in this day and age. The reasons why are many, but here are five of them!

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Websites help attract new customers to your business

Attracting new customers is one of the main reasons why businesses choose to have a website. It's good for all kinds of companies, no matter what industry you're in or how old your company is. It is estimated that 63% of shopping occasions begin online, so having a strong online presence is important in planting the initial seed within the consumers mind. Websites makes it easier for customers make quick decisions on wether or not to purchase a product or service and acts as a simple point of contact between the consumer and brand.

Websites build a trustworthy connection for consumers.

Websites can create a strong and trustworthy connection between you and your customers. By helping to build trust and credibility. it's easy for people to research different companies online before spending their hard earned money with them. Websites allow businesses to show off the human side of the company rather than just selling products or services on social media platforms and by having this online presence, it lets your consumers see you as a reputable business with the power of social proof. Which clearly states that other customers have purchased or engaged in whatever it is you're offering them.

It's a very affordable form of digital marketing.

Websites may; on the surface, look complicated and expensive to have, however this is not the case. Having a thought-out and engaging website can operate as a very affordable form of digital marketing. Paired with the use of various analytical tools, a website can provide you with key information about the interests and choices our consumers make within our websites.

A great website structure can help you save time.

it sounds strange to think that a website can save you time, right? But there are many opportunities available that can greatly increase your workflow. FAQ Pages and blog posts are a great way of answering unsolved questions that a consumer may have about your brand or your services. These could include things such as pricing, information about policies and delivery structures and more.

I'ts available to your consumer 24 hours
a day

Websites are available 24 hours a day which means that you're able to reach your audience at any time of the night or day, even when they may not be on social media avenues such as Facebook or Instagram. Websites can be accessed by anyone on any device allowing for increased visibility and accessibility at all times, whether they are searching from their home computer or mobile phone while waiting around at appointments. so your brand is never off the grid!

And finally...

Having a website has become so essential in today’s digital world that it is hard to imagine how businesses ran without one. From driving traffic and generating leads, to building relationships with customers and prospects, having an online presence can be the difference between success or failure for most companies. To learn more about why every business needs a website, check out our portfolio of web design projects we have completed for clients like you!

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